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Butterfly Pea Chia Pudding Parfait

Indulge in a festive superfood treat with this Butterfly Pea Chia Pudding Parfait. A perfect blend of protein-packed chia seeds, vibrant butterfly pea powder, and sweet wild blueberries, layered with your choice of yogurt and crunchy granola.

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It’s been a minute since we’ve dabbled in the art of chia pudding together, hasn’t it? As the holiday season approaches and Elvis’s crooning “Blue Christmas” starts to echo in my mind, I’m struck by how much the color blue sparks joy for me.

It’s the hue of tranquility, reminiscent of the ocean waves and the twinkling Christmas lights. Since my toes won’t be touching sandy shores until my yoga retreat in January (learn more here) so I figured, why not infuse our days with a dose of festive blues right now?!

Rewind to when I first embraced a vegan lifestyle—chia puddings were my jam. Those little seeds, like tiny treasure chests, are bursting with goodness and were quite the culinary trend. They might not be the latest craze anymore, but they’ve never left my heart (or my kitchen!). Why? Because they’re a powerhouse of protein in a petite package. And that’s something to celebrate any day.

The Superfood Quartet

Chia Seeds: These tiny gems are a powerhouse of nutrition, brimming with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein. They’re the perfect base for a pudding that’s satisfying and beneficial.

Butterfly Pea Powder: I used Suncore Foods as it’s the star ingredient that gives this pudding its mesmerizing hue! Rich in antioxidants, this powder doesn’t just color your food, it comes packed with health perks.

Soy Milk: A dairy-free foundation that brings creaminess to our parfait. It’s gentle on the stomach and rich in protein, perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or embracing a plant-based diet.

Wild Blueberries: Frozen in summer’s peak and thawed to perfection, they add a burst of sweetness and a boost of antioxidants.

Glass jar with wooden lid and spoon, inside contains overnight blue chia pudding, granola and blueberries ready to go by teri-ann carty
close up blue chia pudding, granola and blueberries topping by teri-ann carty

You’re just a few layers away from Crafting your own Butterfly Pea Chia Pudding Parfait!

Making this parfait is a serene ritual in itself. Begin by whisking the butterfly pea powder into the soy milk until you reach a uniform, captivating blue. Sprinkle in the chia seeds, add a touch of maple syrup for natural sweetness, and a hint of vanilla for that comforting aroma. The pinch of salt? It’s there to enhance all the flavors.

After a night in the fridge, the chia seeds swell into a pudding that’s both thick and creamy. Layer this with a dollop of your preferred yogurt, a generous sprinkle of granola for that satisfying crunch, and top with a helping of wild blueberries or fruit of your choosing.

Now, you know I can’t let you go without mentioning my granola. I’m convinced it’s the fairy dust of the breakfast world—sprinkle it on anything, and it transforms into something even more magical.

So, grab your spoons, and let’s dive into a sea of blue with this Butterfly Pea Chia Pudding Parfait. As we gear up for the colder months, let’s bring a little more color into our lives, one parfait at a time. 


Food Photographer and Recipe Developer based in Toronto, Canada. 

A Few Favourites

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Glass jar with blue chia pudding, granola and blueberries by teri-ann carty

Butterfly Pea Chia Pudding Parfait

Teri-Ann Carty
This Butterfly Pea Chia Pudding Parfait is literally all I want for breakfast this season! It's so beautiful, fresh and has all the elements that make me most happy about breakfast! Dig in and make yours tonight and enjoy tomorrow morning!
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Canadian
Servings 2


  • whisk, large measuring cup


  • 2 cups soy milk I used Natura
  • ½ cup chia seeds I used Organic Traditions
  • 1 tbsp butterfly pea powder I used Suncore Foods
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • pinch salt


  • Add milk to a large measuring cup
  • Add superfood powder and whisk until combined
  • Add chia seeds, maple syrup, vanilla and salt. Whisk vigorously until combined. Let it rest for 2 minutes, then whisk again. Wait 2 more minutes and whisk again. Then, add to the fridge to rest overnight.
  • When you are ready to eat, split the pudding into 2-3 jars. Add your favourite yogurt, my granola and fruit of choice. Enjoy immediatley or place back in the fridge until you are ready to eat.


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