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Hello, I’m Teri

I am a passionate recipe developer and food photographer. 

In another life, I was a general manager of a high-end restro struggling with a debilitating addiction to alcohol and drugs.  One late night in 2012, the face staring back at me was unrecognizable. 

I had to make changes to live and change I DID. I quit my management job and decided to travel the world on my own. I became certified to teach yoga and learned about parts of the world I’d only dreamt about. I learned about important parts of myself too along the way.

I am local to Toronto where I live and love with my soon to be hubby (the mister as he’s affectionately known) and two amazing cats Sam and Nora. 

In addition to shooting and creating recipes for clients and creating my own personal dynasty I teach yoga to keep me grounded and connected. My greatest achievement so far is staying sober but I have very big plans for the future. 


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